Changing the Angle

Good current –check, feeding fish –check, correct flies –check. Bombs away! All of a sudden an hour has gone by and we are rooted to our same spot just like the monster himself.

Stream Etiquette: Respect Your Fellow Angler

Unfortunately, I can’t go a full day on the water without running into an angler with poor etiquette. Both fly and conventional fishers. In most scenarios I believe it’s naivety. People just don’t know or understand. So let’s dive into this topic here. No judgement, just discussion.

WTF is CFS?!

Understanding CFS and Water Levels The most important and often overlooked acronym in the fly fishing dictionary is CFS, Cubic Feet per Second. This term is used to measure flow or discharge of rivers and streams. Many say they understand, but it can sometimes be tricky to wrap your head around. I know it was […]

The Great Pack Dilemma: On the Water Storage Solutions Explained.

In this Gear Review, I want to focus on what packs and bags are best for each fisherman. We won’t dive into specific bags, but I’d like to touch on the different types of bags on the market; vests, chest packs, hip packs, sling packs and backpacks and what they bring to the table. Eh, who are we fooling? I may slip a couple of my favorites in.

10 Flies We Love for North Carolina Fall Fishing

Fall is the season where fishing dreams are made here in North Carolina. With beautiful 60 – 70 degree days and water chilling evenings, fall is by far the staple season. These 10 Flies are a must have for the NC waters in the fall.

Product Review: O yeah, O’Pros!

We all would do better with a third hand on the water.  Since it is almost impossible to grow one, O’Pros has found the next best way.  Introducing the 3rd Hand Rod Holder.  This miracle contraption may not look like much, but it frees both my hands to detangle my birds’ nests in the half […]

Stream Clean Out – Little Sugar Creek

This past weekend we set out to make an itty bitty difference.  Itty bitty for now at least.  Just down the block, around the corner is that little creek, the one where you take your dog for a walk, or ride the bikes with your wife, or push the kid’s stroller on your morning jog.  […]

Rod Selection: Finding the right rod

Picking a rod can be the most mind boggling step to setting yourself up for success on the water.  Even for the most experienced fishermen, selecting a rod of different lengths and weights can be quite confusing.  Experience level, target species and water size are all factors that come into play.  Length is an important […]

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