Product Review: O yeah, O’Pros!

We all would do better with a third hand on the water.  Since it is almost impossible to grow one, O’Pros has found the next best way.  Introducing the 3rd Hand Rod Holder.  This miracle contraption may not look like much, but it frees both my hands to detangle my birds’ nests in the half the time.  There are also a couple two handed grip and grins sprinkled in too.

I stumbled upon this product a couple years ago.  A friend gave me the first generation holder as a gift.  Then, I didn’t see the practicality of it.  The holder seemed like a clunky tag along just waiting to tangle my striped line.  Ultimately, it was just going to gather dust in the back of my truck.  Fast forward two years to the Virginia Wine and Fly Fishing Festival.  On display was the new and improved 3rd Hand Rod Holder.  This model had so many improvements it was almost unrecognizable.  The boys added a 360 degree rod rotation swivel to keep your rod tip out of the current or tree, an easy clip on the back to put on a wading belt or shorts, and an elastic cord to secure you’re rod to the holder.  I frankly can’t fish without mine anymore.  

This rod holder is a must for any guide or a fisherman looking to maximize their time on the water.

Well done fellas!   


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