Stay smooth, take care of the land, and don’t be a jerk. Let’s go fishing!

About Smooth Angler

We aim to share what it means to be a smooth angler by respecting our surrounding, having fun by not taking ourselves too seriously, sharing our love for the outdoors, and pursuing all types of fishing on fly rods while cherishing the memories along the way. Fly fishing is an activity anyone can enjoy and we are here to make that fact known. Stay smooth, take care of the land, and don’t be a jerk. Let’s go fishing!

Alex Howell

Co-founder / Guide / Writer

Alex is a sports guy through and through. Playing collegiate football was a huge life achievement, but fly fishing has always been his passion. Alex grew up in South Carolina chasing large-mouth bass in his backyard with a cheap rod from the local outdoor store. It wasn’t until college that he grew into the fisherman he is today. Alex’s roommate happened to share the same passion for fly fishing and they targeted everything they could on a fly rod: trout, pike, bass, perch, stripers, etc... Today, Alex enjoys staying connected to his competitive roots, but finds a lot of value in sharing his love for a sport he holds so dear. Outside of fishing, Alex enjoys finance, photography, and working with his hands. Currently, he is building a new boat from scratch.

Elijah Saint Blancard

Co-founder / Guide / Writer

Whether he is chasing trout throughout the East Coast or targeting small-mouth bass on a local PA stream, you will find Elijah with a fly rod in his hand. Growing up in PA gave Elijah a unique opportunity to learn rivers from an early age. He now uses that knowledge to help others connect with nature, and catch fish. In fall of 2020, Elijah attended WorldCast Anglers guide school in Victor, Idaho. There he honed his skills on rowing, safety, entomology, and the overall teaching of fly fishing. Outside of fishing, Elijah enjoys participating in sports and tending his garden. Hopefully, he will bring a few goodies during the appropriate season.

Chris Jones

Site & Social / Outdoorsman / Writer

Chris grew up in rural New Hampshire where he spent much of his time camping and fishing for brookies. After college, he and his wife, Kayla, moved to Austin, Texas. Being away from the northeast forced Chris to expand his skill sets and target other species, including: Guadalupe Bass, Spotted Gar, Carp, Redfish and Rio Grand Cichlids. Now back in New England, and with two kids in tow, Chris spends most of his time exploring and sharing his love of the outdoors with his family.

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