Changing The Angle

Changing the Angle

Spring is in the Air

With the spring fishing season in full swing, my number of days on the water has picked up significantly. Being on the water several times a week has its perks, but also its challenges. The perks being; I have a good idea of how the river is performing, water levels, where the fish are holding and what flies are getting the job done. The challenge; fishing pressure. With the nice weather and perfect temps, there are loads of anglers on the water. The pressure makes “once” fishy waters very technical on both wild and stocked streams. In this situation, I am almost always trying to teach my clients one tried and true technique, change the angle.

Change the Angle

We have all fallen victim to that monster trout in that perfect run. Good current –check, feeding fish –check, correct flies –check. Bombs away! All of a sudden an hour has gone by and we are rooted to our same spot just like the monster himself. We run drift after drift past him, adding more weight, changing flies, still nothing. What else is there to do? Change the angle! By taking one step up, back, OR over, we are changing the fly’s presentation. Based on the direction we step, we could be allowing our flies to sink faster, avoid a fast current, produce less drag, make for easier mending and have a better overall presentation. Our 3 foot subtle motion could put our flies in just the right spot to entice the fish.

Next time you are out on the water, give it a try. Make a couple drifts, change the angle, and take a couple more drifts. If that doesn’t work and you know you have the right flies and depth, don’t be afraid to move on. It’s not worth spending the entire day chasing one tail. There are plenty fish in the sea; pun intended!

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