The Best Fly Ever

Guide Fly Series: The Best Fly Ever?

The One. The Only. Clouser Minnow

The Clouser Minnow is arguably one of the best flies of all time, and one that everyone should carry in their fly box.

Guide Flies are patterns that are “easy” to tie, allowing a guide to fill his or her fly box for more efficiently when guiding clients. There are a lot of different patterns out there; we plan to share some of our favorite ones that don’t require a ton of materials and will cut down on your time at the vice. Stay tuned for more episodes and leave comments of your favorite flies in the section below.


  1. Any Straight Shank Hook – we tie size 6-4/0 depending on size
  2. Bucktail – pick a few colors and get creative – chartreuse/white, olive/white, grey/white, black, pink/chartreuse – water clarity and sunlight might dictate colors
  3. Flash – you can use kyrstal flash like here or anything that is sparkly (flashabou, Kreelex flash, sparkle hair, etc.)
  4. Eyes – pick a dumbell eye for desired sink rate – 1/4 will sink faster than 1/16 – change with size of hook
  5. Thread – use any thread you have – I prefer white and I can color it with a sharpie if I want to different color

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