New YouTube Series: Guide Flies

Have you ever heard someone say, “Hey, that’s a guide fly”, and had no clue what they were talking about? Well, get ready because we are sharing our favorite guide flies and how to tie them on our YouTube channel.


So What’s a Guide Fly?

A guide fly is a fly that is simple to tie, doesn’t take a lot of time or material, and produces fish. A typical guide may carry a few hundred flies in their boxes in a single outing to cover the wide range of targeted food sources. Apart from that, how many flies have you stuck in trees…now multiply that number by 100 to get how many guides see in a year. Guide’s don’t have the time to tie super complex pattern. Instead, they tie patterns that can be mass produced to fill boxes and fill nets.

This series explores some of our favorite guide patterns which you can take with you on the water. Tying flies is especially daunting when you see the sheer magnitude of patterns, materials, techniques, and opinions. We intend to simplify this process and give my more confidence at the vise.

Let’ Go!

If you want to learn a few of our favorite patterns and tricks to tie them, grab your vise, favorite beverage, and subscribe to our channel.

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