Changing the Angle

Good current –check, feeding fish –check, correct flies –check. Bombs away! All of a sudden an hour has gone by and we are rooted to our same spot just like the monster himself.

WTF is CFS?!

Understanding CFS and Water Levels The most important and often overlooked acronym in the fly fishing dictionary is CFS, Cubic Feet per Second. This term is used to measure flow or discharge of rivers and streams. Many say they understand, but it can sometimes be tricky to wrap your head around. I know it was […]

Planning a Fly Fishing Trip

In a few weeks I am making my yearly voyage to Martha’s Vineyard to pursue striper, blue fish, and false albacore!  COVID might be a damper on the post fishing fun, but the beaches may be less crowded creating less tangles with tourist on the back casts.  With all the excitement, there are a few […]

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