The Great Pack Dilemma: On the Water Storage Solutions Explained.

In this Gear Review, I want to focus on what packs and bags are best for each fisherman. We won’t dive into specific bags, but I’d like to touch on the different types of bags on the market; vests, chest packs, hip packs, sling packs and backpacks and what they bring to the table. Eh, who are we fooling? I may slip a couple of my favorites in.

Fishpond Nomad Net Review: Get a Good Net

Over the past few years, I have used a net more and more. There are a few reasons why: It keeps your hands off the fish – better for them and less likely to end with a hook in your hand You lose less fish…maybe Pictures are way easier So, does a net help or […]

Product Review: O yeah, O’Pros!

We all would do better with a third hand on the water.  Since it is almost impossible to grow one, O’Pros has found the next best way.  Introducing the 3rd Hand Rod Holder.  This miracle contraption may not look like much, but it frees both my hands to detangle my birds’ nests in the half […]

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