Blue Line Native Brook Trout: How to fly fish for native brook trout.

It isn’t often that we get to experience something “like it was in the old days”, but something aboutfishing for brook trout brings back that euphoric feeling. A lot of trout fishermen are obsessed withcatching stocked trout and we have written about that in the past. Don’t get me wrong, fishing stockedfish is super fun […]

Wade Fishing the Outer Banks

Unlike the high grass in SC that I am used to, redfish and other species in this area like to explore the coastal waters by utilizing the highway of channels before popping up on adjacent flats.

Guide Spotlight: Captain Caleb Andrews

For guide Caleb Andrews, passion is dropping the secure engineering job to start his guide business – Tail of the Tides. Caleb is the type of guide you want poling the skiff since he cares about the combined time together versus just catching fish.

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