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Guide Spotlight: Captain Caleb Andrews

What does passion look like?  For guide Caleb Andrews, passion is dropping the secure engineering job to start his guide business – Tail of the Tides.  Caleb is the type of guide you want poling the skiff since he cares about the combined time together versus just catching fish.  One thing that is hard as an angler, especially for me, is that fishing isn’t always about catching fish.  Fishing is so much more than that!  It’s about creating friendships, learning about fish behavior and their ecosystem, conservation, escaping the 9-5 engineering job, traveling, etc.  The famous quote holds true, “It might take a lifetime of fishing to understand it is not the fish we are after.”  Caleb’s passion is there and, if you have the opportunity to fish with him, you will feel it!

A little about the fishing…

Caleb guides out of Charleston, SC sporting a Dolphin skiff. These skiffs are tough, roomy, and can get you to where you want to go. I would suggest taking fly casting lessons or practice your casting to avoid missing a shot at a giant like the one pictured above (caught 7/2021). I booked Caleb for a half day, but we stayed out for 8 hours. He got out of his skiff and pushed it for 30 minutes to get to the back of a creek. He shared countless pieces of information about fish behavior, what to look for, the area, flies, food sources, etc. He gave us a personal fly box at the end of the trip. All of these things make him a top-notch guide that we want to spotlight. Caleb loves chasing Redfish in the grass like all the other Instagram celebrities, but his Low Country hierarchy would be:

  1. Tarpon
  2. Bull Redfish in grass
  3. Bull Redfish anywhere else
  4. Jack Crevalle
  5. Cobia
  6. Triple Tail
  7. Redfish in grass
  8. Redfish other places: oysters, creeks, flats, etc.
  9. Everything else: Trout, Flounder, etc.

Did you know you could catch all of these in the Low Country?  If not, give Caleb a buzz and he will try his hardest to make it happen. He goes above and beyond for clients! 

Captain Caleb Andrews

USCG Licensed Captain

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