Spring Brook Trout – flies and tactics

We fish for brook trout year round in NC and VA; however, the spring and summer are by far my favorite times to target these amazing fish, especially the coveted natives. 

Holding locations: 

Any deep poles are a prime target.  I like to target deep poles and pocket behind fast moving water.  I have also found success near wood along the banks.  This provides a lot of cover for these remarkable fish.


One of my favorite blogs (GinkandGasoline) posted a great article today…somewhat inspired this one.  I’d add four of my favorites to the list. 

1.) Mr. Rapidan

2.) Royal Wolf

3.) White or black wooly bugger

4.) Chubby Chernobyl – Tan & Black/Purple


Any trout rod is fine below a 5 weight.  A shorter 3 weight is ideal for tight cover and shorter casts.  Fluorocarbon 5x or 6x tippet.

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