The Best Fly Ever (2)

Guide Fly Series: The Rabbit Kwan, a Salty Slayer

It's a Salty Slayer: Rabbit Kwan

The Kwan is one of the most productive flies I have seen for redfish, trout, and flounder, because it imitates so many different prey items. What I don’t like is stacking the SF or similar fibers. With this pattern, you can decrease vice time by over half while creating a fly that behaves similar.

Try different rabbit fur for different color combinations and you can trim the fur for a different profile. Also, try different weights…I like wrapping wire so it lands a little softer. Remember, if the eyes are heavy, there might be a splash.


  1. Any Straight Shank Hook – we tie size 6-1/0 depending on size
  2. Craft fur or Polar Fiber – pick a few colors and get creative – I like shrimp, tan, brown, and green/chartreuse – water clarity and sunlight might dictate colors
  3. Flash – you can use kreelex flash like here or anything that is sparkly (flashabou, sparkle hair, etc.) – try to pick something that is light and has movement
  4. Eyes – pick a dumbbell eye for desired sink rate – 1/4 will sink faster than 1/16 or bead chain – change with size of hook – you can also add wire instead or eyes to reduce the splash
  5. Thread – use any thread you have – I prefer tan or pink
  6. Sharpie – for optional bar marks
  7. Silicone Legsfind a color combo that works for you – brown, black, white, etc.

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