Blue Line Native Brook Trout: How to fly fish for native brook trout.

It isn’t often that we get to experience something “like it was in the old days”, but something aboutfishing for brook trout brings back that euphoric feeling. A lot of trout fishermen are obsessed withcatching stocked trout and we have written about that in the past. Don’t get me wrong, fishing stockedfish is super fun since you can target willing fish that grow to size. However, that doesn’t compare tohiking down or up to a

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Smooth Angler 101

What makes a great fly pattern?

“Match the Hatch” The first thing to consider is, what are the fish feeding on? It doesn’t make sense to create a fly pattern that

Wade Fishing the Outer Banks

Unlike the high grass in SC that I am used to, redfish and other species in this area like to explore the coastal waters by utilizing the highway of channels before popping up on adjacent flats.

Stream Etiquette: Respect Your Fellow Angler

Unfortunately, I can’t go a full day on the water without running into an angler with poor etiquette. Both fly and conventional fishers. In most scenarios I believe it’s naivety. People just don’t know or understand. So let’s dive into this topic here. No judgement, just discussion.


Gear Reviews

The Great Pack Dilemma: On the Water Storage Solutions Explained.

In this Gear Review, I want to focus on what packs and bags are best for each fisherman. We won’t dive into specific bags, but I’d like to touch on the different types of bags on the market; vests, chest packs, hip packs, sling packs and backpacks and what they bring to the table. Eh, who are we fooling? I may slip a couple of my favorites in.


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